10 Questions to Ask Before You Chose a Drug Rehab Online


Choosing a drug rehab online is a little like shopping at Costco, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, your buggy will fill up quickly with lots of stuff, you may not need.

I worked as an addiction support worker for a crisis line for many years, and many clients or family members would call in confused. The story was always the same. They’ve been surfing the web for hours on end, they’ve spoken to half a dozen drug rehab clinics, and they are now stuck in decision making purgatory.

Here’s the thing. All drug rehabs online, whether they are Provincial/State run, or Private Inpatient, they all have web-sites. And most, have nice looking websites.

The next thing is when you call, usually you will speak with an articulate, educated intake counselor who strongly believes in their program.

At this point, there is nothing wrong with choosing a drug rehab online. You have a service, delivering value to the community, who presents their information to the general public and believes in their services. Sounds pretty good to me.

The problem is not every drug rehab clinic is appropriate for every person or condition. There a many co-factors that come into play to determine the needs of a client, and EVERY drug rehab program is different.

If you are, however, a research hound, and love the process of grueling due diligence, we want to equip you with some questions that will keep the intake workers on their toes, and help you weed out the wrong decisions.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Chose a Drug Rehab Online


  1. What is the difference between Provincial/State run drug rehab centers, and Private Inpatient centers?
  2. How many hours of one on one therapy is provider per week?
  3. What are the credentials of your counsellors?
  4. Who has the highest credentials in your organization, and what is their Linkedin Profile?
  5. What is the maximum size of the groups I will be attending?
  6. What modalities of care will I be exposed to?
  7. Are you accredited, and with you are you accredited with?
  8. Who is your Nutritionist, and what is their Linkedin Profile?
  9. What is your policy on Methadone or Suboxone?
  10. Will I need Medical Detox Services and do you have an Addictions Dr. on staff?

All of these questions should help you get a solid foundation for what the drug rehab centre stands for, however, this is where the problem worsens and why you should never choose a drug rehab online.

So, you’re armed with 10 questions but, this is where things get complex. You’re now facing a list of 10 different treatment centers, all under consideration.

If you go at it alone, those 10 questions can certainly help guide you in the right direction, but there are many more co-factors that exist in order to conduct proper assessment and delivering a resource that is appropriate for the patient’s needs.

The good news is there is a hack for that. A hack that will take the guesswork out of which treatment centre is best for you or your loved one.

The work-a-round is to call an information and resource line, one that can conduct general assessments over the phone and short-list drug rehab solutions for you.

Instead of calling 10 drug rehab locations, a good information line has computer systems that, based on key interview questions, formulates and filters your answers down to a short list of top 3 drug rehab resources for your needs, which drastically cuts down the research time, and gives you confidence that you are now considering the top 3 drug rehab solutions appropriate for your needs.

We’ve even come up with a few phone numbers for you. In Canada, you can try Drug Rehab Services1-877-254-3348 or in the U.S. you can call the Addicted Hotline 1-800-304-2219 – Both of these services are Nationwide, and provide access to a health network of professionals, government funded resources and private resources.

So although, it’s certainly feasible to choose a drug rehab online by yourself, especially if you are equipped with the 10 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Drug Rehab Online, it’s a lot of guess work, and may not be the right decision, for you, in the end.

Blog by: Keith

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