Sober Travel Websites, Retreats, & Cruises, Oh my!

When a person achieves certain milestones of sobriety it becomes quite the accomplishment, and with accomplishment, comes reward.

A sober mind must unwind too, and looking for a vacation getaway, where you can be around other sober travelers and not get caught up in the whole resort party scene can be a problem.

The good news is there are indeed, excellent travel spots around the globe and even travel agencies, whom all cater to sober travelers. They are all providing amazing vacation getaway spots for sober individuals and people in recovery. So what does one look for when wanting to take a vacation and not continually be surrounded by drugs and alcohol?

An assortment of travel agencies can be found on the internet for sober travelers, who can book vacations around the globe. There are also many different vacation spots that also cater to sober travelers and those in recovery, as well.

Here are some amazing vacation getaway ideas if you are looking to take that much needed vacation away from everything.

Websites for Sober Vacations

Sober Vacations International and Travel Sober . On these particular sites you can find package deals for vacations around the globe, and can also travel with other sober people. One of the excellent perks about these services is that wherever you end up going, and if you still attend meetings; meeting support groups are set up where you can attend while on your vacation.

Sober Retreats

If you are looking for an excellent sober retreat that offers intense rest and relaxation, there is Casa Hamaca in Vallidolid, Yucatan. Advertised as being the real Mexico, it is a fusion of Mayan culture mixed with a relaxing bed and breakfast along with a Spanish colonial twist. They provide all the comforts for being away from home and do cater to people in recovery and sober travelers.

There are also some relaxing hotels and resorts such as the Cortijo El Saltador located in beautiful Lucainena des las Torres, Spain; a 16 person holiday resort located in a remote and beautiful area of the country. A sober traveler can also check out the Fourth Dimension Resort in Costa Rica, an amazing spot set up to help provide a quaint vacation getaway for the sober lifestyle.

Sober Cruises

If a cruise is more your style you can visit Sober Cruises and book an amazing cruise to a variety of different locations. You can also check out Sober Celebrations, a company that will help you book sober cruises and or a sober vacation to one of their many amazing destinations such as the Bahamas, Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

As you can see, there are more options for sober travelers than you might have originally expected. There are some amazing vacation spots and professional travel agencies that will help you and your friends find the perfect vacation. Everyone deserves a vacation, especially a vacation you can be yourself at.

Travel in style and enjoy that wonderful sober life you have created for yourself.

Author: Nick Bruce Hayes

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