Saskatchewan Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Local drug problems have always seemed to be major issues throughout the province of Saskatchewan, and this includes issues within many of the First Nations communities. The mix of different narcotics can lead to dangerous situations and potential overdoses, and increased rates of emergency-room visits. Throughout the First Nations communities and towns across the province, addicts are struggling and his or her families are being directly affected by the drug and alcohol problems. 

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment within Saskatchewan 

Within the province of Saskatchewan are nine different inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs that can offer traditional and non-traditional forms of therapy and counseling. Many of these facilities are directly connected with the First Nations communities and provide support and treatment programs for its members. Residential treatment is an effective approach for any addict and his or her family, and everyone can find the right type of counseling and treatment they require. 

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in Saskatchewan 

The outpatient treatment programs available within the province include four different options and some of which are operated by the First Nations communities. The treatment methods provided within these various centers include daily counseling and therapy, and programs that offer various lengths of time depending upon the severity of the addiction. Outpatient drug rehab can be easily accessed by anyone in need and is an excellent option for addicts who cannot commit to a residential drug rehab program, and the length of time required for in-house treatment.  

Saskatchewan Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers 

The type of detox programs offered within the province of Saskatchewan includes traditional detox programs and medical detox facilities. Because opiate addiction is a very dangerous withdrawal process, most opiate addicts will require controlled withdrawals off of the drugs they are physically and mentally addicted to. Some opiate addicts choose to receive Suboxone or Methadone treatment during detox, and remain on these drugs during his or her rehabilitation process.