Prince Edward Island Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Binge drinking is a serious problem that many students become involved in, and this usually leads to mixing of other drugs such as marijuana and street drugs. It has been reported that students living within Prince Edward Island face the highest rates of binge drinking, and because of this, students can end up becoming addicted to one or more substances within his or her life. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers within the province include counseling programs, outpatient and intensive outpatient services, detox, and residential centers. 

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Prince Edward Island 

There are three distinctive residential drug and alcohol treatment centers available throughout the province, and this includes facilities operated through the government of Prince Edward Island and the PEI department of health. Residential substance abuse treatment offers many different forms of counseling and therapy for individuals and families, and this can include twelve-step therapy, cognitive-behavioral treatment, group and individual sessions. The inpatient programs throughout the province struggle to keep up with the on-going need of people requiring help. 

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Prince Edward Island 

The outpatient drug treatment options within the province of Prince Edward Island include six distinctive programs most of which are operated by the Prince Edward Island Depart of Health. Outpatient drug treatment can help individuals and families with serious or moderate addictions, whether it is alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit street drugs. Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment will not always be the best option for extreme long-term addictions, but the services can help treat any type of addiction. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Facilities in Prince Edward Island 

Detox programs within the province of Prince Edward Island include four different options such as traditional detox, medical detox, and home detox options. The detox process is typically the first step prior to any type of treatment, whether it is an outpatient center or a residential program. The detox centers throughout PEI offer extensive services to their clients, and help them prepare for a residential or an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center.