Our 5 Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverages for Summer


Okay, okay, half the world just endured blizzard conditions, and here we are talking about Summer, when Spring hasn’t even hit yet.

Let’s just say we’ve been dreaming about warmer climates, lately.

It can be rough sometimes when you are in early recovery, when you are at a party, get together, or backyard B.B.Q. and you’re craving something other than hot coffee.

We’ve done some of the leg work for you and put together a list of our 5 favorite non-alcoholic beverages for summer.

Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Premium Zero Alcohol Beer
Love the taste of beer in the summer but beer with alcohol doesn’t love you? Then Warsteiner is for you. Warsteiner is truly alcohol-free. It’s made with super-soft water from the Kaiser’s Spring in Germany, and the bottle looks super trendy, authentic too.


Watermelon Lemonade with Kiwi Splash
Nothing screams summer more than watermelon and Kiwi. So refreshing. Be careful though, don’t share too many sips, or your alcohol loving friends and colleagues might ditch their booze and scream for more.


PH Balanced Mineralized Water Bottles
Want to strike up a conversation? We guarantee that these water bottles by Santevia, with a wide selection of cool colours will do just that. These water bottle raise the alkaline levels of the water (high on the pH scale), helping your body operate more efficiently, and quite frankly, during a blistering hot summer, there is nothing better than water to cure dehydration.


Sparkling Lime Mint Quencher
Mohito Lites. Enough said!


Ultimate Iced Coffee
Love your Starbucks but don’t want to leave the party? Make your own Ultimate Iced Coffee at home.


Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity, and this is part of the fun of sobriety. Finding new things, and new ways of doing things.

Our 5 Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverages for Summer will be all the rage at your next party. Just think about how many people you could save from a wikid hang-over.

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