Ontario Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

The province of Ontario has one of the largest populations of people living in one area, the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto and the rest of Ontario have always seen different drugs becoming huge problems such as opiates and currently Fentanyl. Opiate addiction is a very difficult problem to overcome, but the many different drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs throughout the province can handle moderate to severe addictions. Addicts and families should take the time to locate the best possible options for treatment, and this can be done through an assessment with the family and the addict.  

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Ontario 

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs available throughout the province of Ontario include various methods of treatment and therapy. Within the province are 49 residential drug and alcohol treatment centers, and this includes private facilities and government-run centers who will be low-cost or offer different payment options. The residential programs throughout the province can help families and individuals with counseling and therapy, and other personalized forms of counseling services. 

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities in Ontario 

The outpatient programs that are available throughout the province include intensive outpatient services and traditional outpatient facilities. Currently in Ontario, there are 52 outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation services that can help addicts and their families with all types of addiction. An outpatient facility offers daily services for a certain amount of hours, and the program length is determined by the severity of the addiction and other behavioral health issues. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs within Ontario 

Detox facilities within the province are situated in many of the large cities and communities throughout the province. Currently in the province are fifteen different detox centers who include traditional detox, medical detox, and home detox programs. Depending on the severity of the addiction most addicts will benefit from a traditional detox, but because of opiate addiction, medical detox centers are overwhelmed with the amount of people seeking help.