New Brunswick Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Throughout the province of New Brunswick are numerous types of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, detox, centers, twelve-step meetings, and other behavioral health services. Recently within the province, new drugs have been discovered on the street, especially within Moncton; and this includes a mix of cocaine and Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a very dangerous opiate, and has been responsible for hundreds of deaths throughout the country. Throughout most of the smaller communities within New Brunswick, residents face the addiction problems and crime that come with it.  

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment in New Brunswick 

The residential drug and alcohol treatment programs available within the province of New Brunswick include seven different facilities. The types and methods of treatment provided within these various programs include counseling, group and individual therapy, relapse prevention, sober living communities, and prevention and education services. Within the province are both private and government-funded rehabilitation programs, most of which are affordable for families and addicts.  

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in New Brunswick 

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment can be offered either as a traditional outpatient option or an intensive outpatient program. Within the province of New Brunswick are eight different outpatient drug treatment centers and many of them are operated by the Vitalite Health Network. Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation can offer various forms of counseling and therapy for individuals and groups, and the necessary counseling for families affected by addiction. Some facilities will also provide onsite assessments, and can offer detox for patients when required. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in New Brunswick 

The detox process is an essential step within the overall drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, and throughout the process of New Brunswick are five distinctive detox programs. Within three different cities are traditional detox centers who do not necessarily offer medical detox, but will help addicts through withdrawals prior to treatment. Medical detox programs are also available within New Brunswick are there are two programs that can provide these services. Medical detox helps patients who cannot abruptly stop his or her drug of choice and require a controlled withdrawal period.