Manitoba Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Throughout Manitoba’s communities and First Nations, families and individual's struggle with addiction, substance abuse, and behavioral health problems. The Fentanyl problem from the western provinces has found its way into Manitoba, and this along with other drug problems can make it difficult to get the right type of help. Within the province of Manitoba are many different types of drug and alcohol treatment, and this does include short-term and long-term inpatient programs, detox facilities, and outpatient treatment centers. Whichever the option may be, families and addicts can access addiction assessments to help them determine the best fit for treatment. 

Manitoba Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment 

Short-term and long-term inpatient rehabilitation programs will each have its benefits, and various methods of therapy and care can be found within each type of program. Throughout Manitoba, there are over 15 distinctive forms of residential treatment, and this does include private centers, low-cost programs, and services subsidized by the government. Inpatient drug rehab can provide many different treatment options for families and addicts, and this does include twelve-step therapy, group and individual counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other non-traditional approaches. 

Manitoba Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment 

The outpatient treatment process allows the client to attend therapy daily, return home in the evening, and continue to maintain other responsibilities within his or her life. The person attending outpatient drug treatment will work through a certain amount of hours each day, and an exact amount of weeks depending on how severe the addiction is. Throughout the province of Manitoba are over 20 different outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers. The outpatient rehabilitation process can help treat any type of addiction, but a family or an addict should get some type of assessment prior to treatment. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs within Manitoba 

Detox programs within the province of Manitoba includes a few different options such a medical detox and conventional detox options. The detox process can help with any type of addiction, more specifically a medical detox center will help anyone with severe alcohol addictions, heroin addicts, and people physically dependent on prescription drugs. Each patient is slowly tapered off of the drug, and other medications are used to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. Conventional detox programs can help addicts who are addicted to illicit street drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, and chemical drugs.