Like a Boss; Running a Small Business and Staying Sober

Every business owner can admit that running a small business and staying sober is no small task. There is considerable stress, running a small business. There are times when you just wish it would all go away and fix itself, that you don’t have to worry about payroll, employees, bills, making enough to stay afloat, making the right business decisions, getting things off the ground etc.

There is such a great deal of responsibility that comes with owning and operating a small business, and for many former addicts it was their inability to cope with responsibilities that may have drove them into addiction to begin with.  It can be scary jumping back into your business after coming out of drug rehab and treatment, not really knowing what is going to happen, worrying about how you will be dealing with the stress and other people worrying for you, which can stress you out even more.

Running a small business and staying sober may seem as one of the bigger barriers to overcome, but let’s be honest; you have just overcome a major obstacle in your life, becoming sober and staying that way.  Like a boss, you will be able to run your small business even more successfully than before, and prove to yourself you can play the game of life and win every time.  But if you have some doubts, and maybe wondering what you can do to increase your success, here are some simple life hacks for running a small business and staying sober.

3 Life Hacks for Running a Small Business and Staying Sober


  1. Set your own schedule and do not work yourself into the ground.  You may have personally hired some excellent people so let them do their job, and gradually work yourself back into the daily routines of your business.  Many business owners work excessively long hours and leave no time for themselves. Yes, a business takes a lot of work, but….YOU ARE THE BOSS!  Set your own hours, get the work done that you need to, but do not bury yourself, in fact an excellent book to take a look at is The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferris, just one tool to help expand your knowledge even further.
  2. Take a break and go on a mini vacation. When most people they think of vacation, they think of tropical locations, plane flights, and 7 day getaways. If you’re feeling stressed, just take a day or two and get away.  Taking a little mini vacation to help reset will also help you come back refreshed and ready to tackle the new challenges ahead.  This is all about setting your own pace, you know the business is successful and also you know you have what it takes to continue being successful, so trust yourself and re-charge those batteries.
  3. Rely on the people around you and those you may have hired.  Trust your instincts and trust your team. This may even give you an opportunity to start exploring other avenues to expand the business as the people you hired are running the day to day operations.

These examples focus on amplifying what you already have, and increasing your success.

Running a small business and being sober is definitely a new challenge, but it is smaller in comparison to what you have already been through.  This is a brand new path to take and will only lead to success; you have the skills and abilities to overcome the obstacles, and you can run your small business while being sober and live a happy life.

Like a Boss; Running a Small Business and Staying Sober ©

Author: Nick Bruce Hayes