Easy as Pie Task Management Technique for The Rich & Sober


Success beyond sobriety is very different that success in sobriety. Success in sobriety is the program you run in order to maintain sobriety.

Success beyond sobriety, however, is the life you’re building after you’re sober.

As I laid out in Rich & Sober Part 1 – The Introduction, there are five self limiting thought patterns that trip us up and get us stuck from attaining success beyond sobriety.

The first pattern is task management.

Procrastinating, ignoring, or avoiding and allowing tasks to pile up are a major recipe for disaster. Not only for potential relapse but for getting stuck and never growing past your sobriety.

We have a tendency especially in recovery to get busy like a pinball bouncing around from task to task getting lots of trivial stuff done but never really achieving anything.

It’s easy for a brain in recovery to get scattered and overwhelmed. It’s adapting to manage stress in healthy ways, but you can help speed up it’s recovery time by reducing it’s processing requirements, just like a computer.

Have you ever noticed that a computer runs best when it’s not forced to constantly process data, the same goes with you.

The goal with good task management is to not only automate your tasks but align them with your high level goals so that you don’t let them stack up, overwhelm you and keep you running on overdrive, so nothing is left in the tank.

It’s easy to handle one task, but ten? Forget it.

Here is a system that will easily and effortlessly organize your daily tasks not just for the sake of getting tasks done but moving towards achievement, goals completion, and accomplishment.

I call this technique 3TPD. (3 Tasks Per Day) And anyone can do it.

Here’s how 3TPD works…

Step 1. Organize 15 minutes every morning during coffee time to set up your day. You will need to write things down, so use whatever device you want. Pen and paper works too.

Step 2. After you have reviewed the previous day, explained in Step 4. you will begin your day asking yourself one easy question.

THE QUESTION: What 3 tasks do I need to complete today in order to feel SUCCESSFUL?

In the future, once you get a hang of this task management technique, you can replace SUCCESSFUL with any adjective that aligns with a high level goal you would like to achieve.

For example;

THE QUESTION: What 3 tasks do I need to complete today in order to feel HEALTHY?

Or whatever feeling you are trying to achieve.

Step 3. List out 3 tasks. The goal is to make this so easy, anyone can do it. Anyone can do 3 tasks per day, right.

What tasks do I need to complete today in order to feel Successful?

  1. Task 1
  2. Task 2
  3. Task 3

Step 4. First thing in the morning, before you ask yourself The Question, review your tasks from the previous day. Now assign yourself a success number. For example if you completed two tasks, divide two into three, and score yourself. So on this day, you were 66% successful. Record these results daily.If you are unable to complete a task, don’t beat yourself up over it, simply roll the task that was not completed over to the new day’s task list, and place it into the priority one spot.

Everyone has a smart phone these days, if you do not, go and buy a calendar so that you can keep track of when you need to review your progress.

If you are using a smart phone, I recommend using the Sunrise Calendar, searchable on Google Play or App Store.

Sunrise supports integration with Google Calendar, iCloud, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Exchange as well. You can even connect it to Keep or Evernote. Both  are excellent task management apps.

Sunrise Calendar Screen Cap

As far as mobile apps go, it’s a pretty simple one. There aren’t tons of features, it’s easy to learn and it uses an uncluttered interface.

Now, you have three review points to remember, overall.

You will want to add your review points as reminders into your Calendar, so that you are reminded by your phone notification system.

Review Points

  1. Daily Tracking

This review point is done every morning before you start your day, no considerations.

  1. Weekly Reviews

This review point is conducted once a week, generally conducted every Sunday. Remember to assign yourself a weekly average based on an accumulation of your daily tracking.

  1. Monthly Milestones

This review point is conducted once a month. We recommend that you review your month on the last Sunday of every month.

Task management is like going to the gym, start out slowly, don’t add too much to the list, too soon.

Task management is about de-cluttering your mind and organizing your life in line with your goals.

This is a great technique to monitor if you are on track or not to achieve your goals.

You can always ask yourself; do my current actions line up with achieving my goals, and if they do not, then adjust and get back on track.

Using the 3 Tasks Per Day Task Management Technique sounds simple but it’s very powerful, practiced over time, you will see incredible accomplishments achieved without stress or anxiety.

It will help you move beyond sobriety and into a world you only once dreamed of. Ready to set sail? Your sunrise awaits. Bon Voyage!

Ryan K