How to make your Sober Life – Better!


This blog is NOT about getting sober. You’ve already done that.

This blog is about making your sober life, better.

I can hear Robin Leach’s voice in my head right now; ‘Who’s going to be interested in the lifestyles of the poor and unknown?”

I am Robin! I am!

Because I was there. Fresh out of rehab, full of piss and vinegar, ready to take on the world, and then reality hit. I still couldn’t pay my bills, and the big dreams slowly began to fade, and the world of problems started to take hold again. Sure I was sober, but life still sucked.

Then it dawned on me. What if there was someone there, after drug rehab, not to take your hand as your sober sponsor, you have that covered already, but as your life mentor? Not to just help you get some crappy job you don’t really want, but to help you create a future vision plan that allowed you to flourish and prosper in all areas of your life, easily, including your finances?

What would your sober life look like then? Consider this blog, your answer.

Today, let’s just say, my bills get paid, and that’s what drives me – to help transform the poor and unknown into the rich and sober.

Over the years in recovery, I observed some commonalities, some unhealthy patterns of sober people that when repaired, made their sober lifestyles not just easier but better.

This is not an addiction counseling blog. This is not a treatment blog about drug rehab and therapies.

That, we trust you have handled on your own, however, if you need some professional advice, we can certainly point you in the direction of some Professionals we trust. Just DM me on Twitter – @SobermanRichman

This blog is a curation of life hacks that will help you transcend those patterns so those areas that cause you the most concern or frustration, are set on auto-pilot, allowing you the freedom to grow.

A few simple definitions first.

Sober = Free

Rich = Value

Hacks = Improvements

The patterns that I discuss, are self limiting cycles of thought that I have observed in people that continue even after their stint in drug rehab or step completion, and even in people that have many years of sobriety under their belt.

Now remember, this blog is not a how to stay sober blog. You should already have that dialed in, but this blog does offer advice on moving past sobriety and into a life of creation, a life many of you have struggled to achieve or might not think is even possible.

You might be sober, but my guess, if you’re reading this blog, is that you are stuck.

It’s my goal to help you get un-stuck.

So what are the 5 patterns of Stuck?

  • Money
  • Fulfillment/Purpose
  • Task Management
  • Boredom
  • Time Management

At least I didn’t add; Religion, Sex, or Politics.

As you can tell, Life Hacks from Rich & Sober are subjects that are rarely if ever talked about in recovery. Most of these patterns are not necessarily forbidden but definitely out of bounds.

We are not a recovery blog. Think of us as a life improvement blog.

It’s my goal to show you life hacks on each of these categories to help make your sober life – better.

Just remember, I’m not your counselor, clergy, or sponsor hell bent of keeping you sober, my hope is you already are sober but you have a burning desire for more. I want to bring you more.

Over my next 5 blogs, I will discuss each pattern in depth.

I will also be welcoming guest bloggers who will help me amplify this movement; Life Hacks of The Rich & Sober.

Subjects we will be covering…

  • Money
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Clever Gadgets & Apps
  • Helpful Products
  • Task & Time Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Fitness & Diet
  • Activities

All of which are meant to help you feel empowered, free, and secure.

As the blog continues over time, an inventory of these offerings will grow. They will grow as a resource for you, to lean on, to use as tips, tricks, and tools, so that you can build the life you want.

You may believe that all you need is a dream, some desire and devotion and it will all work out but what if you’re stuck on defining your dream?

We are here to help you get un-stuck. All of our hacks may not be valuable to you, but just one idea, one life hack could change your life for the better.

If you feel held back, in any way, this is the blog for you.

Are you ready to get hacking?

Ryan K

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