Have a smile,  a Shamrock Shake, and shut the F#&K Up!

Days like this, in recovery, can really test you. They can trigger off a series of fantastical memories of how it used to be, or you can slip into poor me mode, that you can’t be one of the Lucky, who can drink their faces off on St. Patrick’s Day!

There are pages and pages on Google that discuss How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Sober.

They talk about parades, wearing green, Lord of the Dance, and even midnight showings of ‘Leprechaun.’ Really!

Here’s my advice.

The St. Patrick’s Day tradition of alcohol consumption stems from the 17th Century Christian tradition of lifting Lent, which was a holy tradition of restricting food and drink.

As soon as the restriction was lifted, the crowd went wild.

Today, in modern times, there are no restrictions. Booze and drugs flow freely, no matter what the day. There really is no reason to get giddy with excitement in order to pour green Guinness down your throat.

You can do this today, or on any given day of the week, if that’s what floats your boat.

But it’s certainly okay to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, isn’t it? Absolutely.

Saint Patrick is the foremost patron Saint of Ireland and he was the direct cause of converting Paganism to Christianity which I find quite ironic since the celebration has become synonymous with mindless alcohol-fueled revelry.

My advice is to try and celebrate a man who believed in his cause and did something about it. He was inspired by a calling and took action.This is where the power of this celebration comes from, for me.

It might not sound as fun as kicking your heels with Michael Flately, but I suggest a more mindful approach, a more respectful approach.

My advice on how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, sober, is to get introspective and be respectful of this Saint, and ask yourself; ‘What is my calling?’ and ‘’How can I make a difference, in this world today?

I don’t see this celebration as a time to get loud, even in my drunken days, I never did. I see it as a time to be mindful but if you really need a little craziness on this day, have smile, a Shamrock Shake, and then be respectful and shut the f@$k up.

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