List of Popular Events for Sober Minds.

Experiencing festivals, events, and outdoor shows is quite a bit of fun but unfortunately many of these events can be alcohol and drug fueled parties.

Throughout North America, if you look hard enough, you can find numerous popular events for sober minds. These are family friendly festivals and events put on by sober people and many outdoor shows that are not hardcore drunk fests.

Going to festivals is such a fun experience, and there are some popular events worth attending.  Former addicts celebrate living clean and sober every day and should not feel restricted and uncomfortable when it comes to social experiences.

Many outdoor festivals have a reputation of being a drug fueled psychedelic trip, and this could not be further from the truth.  When a sober person really starts searching, you start to find festivals, events, and outdoor shows that celebrate life, living, and people having genuine fun without any drugs or alcohol.

List of Popular Events for Sober Minds

  1. To kick things off, there is a pretty cool group called Camp Traction that started with a group of people who wanted to experience music festivals clean and sober.  They started working with various different festival operators and were able to acquire designated areas in these festivals where people could come and camp clean and sober, and experience the festival without the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Camp Traction is not affiliated with any NA or AA group, or any treatment center, they are just simply a group of people who love going to music festivals, but want to experience it clean and sober. The summer is all about being outdoors and enjoying the amazing weather, and if you are into active outdoor festivals check out Outside Live Bravely, where they list some of the best summer festivals, such as the Wanderlust Festival, International Folk Arts Market, and the Lumberjack World Championships.
  2. When you hear about the Coachella Music Festival, images of drunken debauchery in the desert might trigger you off but in fact,  it is a pretty cool all ages and family music festival located in Indio, California. This festival is hugely popular and draws in people from Nevada, Arizona, and all over California.  Groups of sober people have been descending onto Coachella for years now. Certainly, there is intoxicated non-sense occurring, and that can be intimidating, especilly in early recovery, but hook up with a group like; Soberchella and you will attend the festival in sober numbers and be stronger for it.
  3. Staying in the same state, a person must visit Comic Con, the Mecca of all that is geek and amazing; embrace your inner geek and visit your childhood heroes.  If you were or still are big into comic books, Super-Heroes, and Sci-Fi, this is the place for you.
  4. If all these music festivals and different events have worked up an appetite, then it is time to hit up the food festivals.  What better way to celebrate living than with amazing food from around the world.  Montreal, Canada is one of the best cities in North America to experience real authentic dining, and the; Taste of Montreal Festival showcases all Montreal has to offer.  It is an 11 day gala featuring over 100 different restaurants, where people can book tables and be a part of the amazing dining experiences.
  5. If you are a veteran food festival attendee, then the Taste of Chicago must be on your list; it is the world’s largest food festival and has been operating since the 1980’s.  Located in the heart of the city, it would be impossible to try every food offered, but a valiant effort can be made.

This is only a taste of some popular events worth attending while sober, but it’s meant to inspire you to explore.  They are out there, and so many of these festivals and events can be celebrated clean and sober. This is what many people do not realize is that so many of these festivals can really only be experienced to there fullest without the influence of illicit substances.

Being clean and sober does not mean you should stop experiencing life, it means to you should start re-experiencing life, through a new lens – a sober lens.

We encourage you to celebrate living clean and sober and festivals are a great way to get away from everything, be around other like minded people, have fun, and take in everything that is offered.  This is about living a rich and fulfilling life, and still experiencing all the good things that are in it.

 Author: Nick Bruce Hayes

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