Why Overstimulation Leads to Dis-Ease & How Guy Kawasaki Helps Cure It

I don’t usually write about the quirky stuff, I’m more into the deep, life transforming stuff but when Rich & Sober was added into Alltop, our team started to slowly come forward and open up about their own addiction to Guy Kawasaki.

Since this blog is about recovery from addiction and life hacks to make sober lives, better, I wanted to show you how you can leverage Guy Kawasaki Addiction and help cure dis-ease.

For the record and legal disclaimer, Guy Kawasaki addiction is not an actual disease or disorder, in the medical sense, but rather one of those helpful life hacks that can certainly help re-wire your brain, in a good way. It is also, not to be confused with Kawsaki disease, a very serious heart condition.

The brainchild of Apple Alum; Guy Kawasaki, Alltop was designed to transcend search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and deliver breaking news and blog posts on any subject, in an organized and easy to digest fashion. Since launching Alltop, whatever is gold, Guy touches, and the stuff he touches makes lives, better.

Visiting both sides of the addiction fence for 20 years, I discovered that addiction is not an empirically quantifiable disease, in the medical sense, (I’m gonna get beat up over this) but certainly is a dis-ease. Dis, Latin for apart, away, or reversing force and Ease, defined as; freedom from concern, anxiety, or solicitude; a quiet state of mind.

The dis-ease, as I have personally experienced, stems from an inability to cope with the over-stimulation of concern or anxiety, and guess what, we are all – overstimulated. BTW, Your tablet is calling.

You can leverage Guy Kawasaki Addiction, transcend dis-ease, and overstimulation by discovering the pattern of what Guy Kawasaki writes and gets behind. His ideas and products streamline and simplify the over-stimulation of the internet. This is the life hack. Just follow what Guy Kawaski gets behind.

I really don’t know if Guy Kawasaki, and his partners knew it at the time, but Alltop today helps cure, on average, 2.8 million dis-ease sufferers per month, just by organizing the frenzy of online content.

In my article; Life Hacks of The Rich & Sober – Part 1, there are five patterns of stuck that act as barricades to growing and flowing in life. Two of these patterns are task management and time management. Poor task management and time management for most people leads to dis-ease.

Having Guy Kawasaki Addiction crystallizes these ideas by showing you living, breathing models of how he takes disorder and problems which lead to dis-ease and organizes them in order to give you peace of mind, and that’s what living a rich and sober life is all about – finding ways to organize and stabilize first, so you can flourish and prosper, later.

If you’re new to Guy Kawasaki, look him up, he’s on Google and if you’re already addicted to Guy Kawasaki, I encourage you to innovate like Guy Kawasaki does by discovering life hacks that streamline and organize your life and your business, in order to help you cope with over-stimulation, and to ease the dis.

Author: Ryan K

Ryan K graduated from Film School in 2001, and since became an investor/key player in multiple Vancouver based tech start-ups, volunteered as a part-time support worker in the field of addictions and has conducted well over 200 Interventions since 2007.  As you can imagine, he has many stories to tell, which parlays well over into his present day activities as Rich & Sober’s Editor in Chief.

Guy Kawasaki Addiction