Medical Detox Information: Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate analgesic, which has a short duration when taken but is fast acting.  It is chemically designed to resemble opiates; many people who use Fentanyl will ask the question, how do I quit using Fentanyl?  This particular drug is close to 100 times stronger than morphine, and is also close to 20 times stronger than heroin.  With that being said, the process to quit using Fentanyl must be done very carefully and with the guidance and supervision of trained medical professionals.  It is not recommended that a person suddenly quits using Fentanyl cold turkey.  A person will go through severe drug withdrawals, which will be similar to withdrawing off other opiates, as many addicts hooked on this drug have experienced before.

Since the 1970’s Fentanyl has been used as recreational drug, and up until now it has been the cause of countless drug addictions and overdoses, with many of these overdoses caused by mixing Fentanyl with Morphine.

Drug rehab centers have become more sophisticated in the methods used to treat opiate addiction, with many drug rehabilitation centers incorporating methods to help people go through the drug withdrawal process with as little pain and discomfort as possible.  One of the best courses of action to quit using Fentanly is to contact a Medical Detox Center that specializes in Fentanyl withdrawal. In Canada call the DRS Resource Line 1-877-254-3348 and in the U.S. you can call  1-800-304-2219 to find a location nearest you.

In many cases, a Fentanyl user trying to figure out how to quite Fentanyl, will contact their General Practitioner, who may offer a taper down protocol from home, with the aid of some medications like Clonodin.  We strongly advise against this, while although, it may be more comfortable to experience this sickness in your own bed, Fentanyl withdrawal should be supervised by an Addictions Doctor, RN, and or RPN due to the likelihood of seizure which can lead to death.

The best option is to attend a medical detox center that is specifically set up to treat Fentanyl addicts and help them detox off of Fentanyl and other drugs.  A medical detox or detox program is set up with trained medical professionals, and are usually live in treatment centers where the addict will stay during the course of his or her treatment.  The time period it takes to detox off of Fentanyl will be different from person to person, as it all depends on the amount of Fentanyl the person is taking, the length of time they have been using, their age, and their current health conditions, if any.  On average a typical drug detox from Fentanyl can take any where from one to  three weeks.

During this Fenatnyl detox period a person will be weaned down off of the drug, IV will be administered and the patient will be given withdrawal management drugs to help alleviate the withdrawals, with the end result being a person weaned off of all drugs all together.  What many medical detox centers and programs are utilizing today is more natural medicine to ensure the person is not just simply pumped with more drugs and simply trades a Fentanyl addiction with another addiction.

This means that they are given different forms of vitamin and mineral supplementation that is either done orally or through I.V.  These different processes ensure that the addict will be brought back to a healthy state where they are completely off of all drugs before they would enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, which will help them with the remainder of their Fentanly addiction.

How do I quit using Fentanyl?  Take the proper steps, and seek out medical help through drug detox facilities, and drug treatment and rehabilitation programs.  Going through these options will help increase the chances of success, and will allow the addict to potentially attend a drug treatment center to handle all the remaining aspects, including the mental and emotional issues of their addiction.

To locate a medical detox clinic that specialized in Fentanyl Detox in Canada call: 1-877-254-3348 and in the U.S. call 1-800-304-2219

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