3 Insights That Helped Turn My Business Around


I was 22 years old, fresh out of University and a die hard entrepreneur at heart, ready to make my fortune.  I had my million dollar idea and was even able to get some funding to produce a product that I could present to potential investors. It was my golden ticket, or so I thought. Then, one unfortunate event after another and I lost it all. But through crazy determination I managed to turn my business around and here I am; writing an article for you today on how a recovering addict turned his business around.

I was never a big drug user, I smoked some weed during school, but never really got into the heavier drugs.  It wasn’t until I hooked up with a prospective business partner when I started to notice the shift.  We were just starting out, starting to develop a brand, working long hours and investing a great deal of our own money.  It was at this point I became introduced to cocaine. My partner said; he did it to stay alert and focused, so I figured why not, what is the worst that could happen? Ask, and you shall receive…

The two of us saw some great success and did end up making some money, found some investors, and were able to run our business through online operations.  What didn’t help, was the fact we were both using cocaine on a regular basis, and little did we know we were both blowing through quite a bit of money and losing small opportunities along the way.

All of a sudden, we had a new product deadline to meet for our investor presentation. With every passing day this deadline was becoming impossible to achieve.  We managed to produce a sub-par product. Needless to say our investors passed and we were both out a great deal of cash.  We ended up losing a lot, and we were unable to make anything back in sales and were now in a financial rut, taking our frustrations out on one another.  Things progressed and we both went our separate ways, dividing up what cash we had left, and abandoning our passion.

I managed to make some of the money back through other business ventures, but it didn’t happen until I made some drastic changes.  Needless to say I became educated quickly in making tough decisions to save my ass.  What I pulled from this situation was this:

3 Insights That Helped Turn My Business Around

  1. Know the people you go into business with. Do not make any commitments you are not willing to follow through with to the end.  Most importantly, always listen to your gut instincts; you are the best adviser you could possibly have. In addiction, we become disconnected from our instincts, but in recovery it’s about reconnecting and trusting yourself.
  2. Know when to cut your losses. Don’t allow emotions and personal feelings get in the way of making ethical and morally correct decisions.  This business is your livelihood, and your passion.  The second the cocaine was introduced into the picture is when I should have cut all ties, I had invested too much of my time and money to give my business partner the benefit of the doubt.  This may sound harsh, but realistically this was my business and something I built from the ground up. Sometimes, it’s okay to be selfish, set boundaries, and say; bye, bye!
  3. Finally, take responsibility for your own actions, learn from your mistakes, and NEVER regret a decision made.  What is done is done. Do not live in the past, move forward and create for the future.  I didn’t dwell on the fact that I ignored my own feelings about bringing drugs into the picture. Hell, I ended up using just as much as my business partner.  I took responsibility, however, made changes in my life, and decided I was going to move forward and not live in the past.

When you lose something you worked hard to create, but end up turning things around you start becoming inspired..

Despite the darkest days there was always a small light shining helping to guide us back onto the path we started with.  Loss is a part of life, it is really what we do with it and how we take responsibility and move forward from it, that makes it simply just an experience rather than a painful regret.

Today, I may not be making millions, but my business is stable, and doing very well, and I’m very proud of it. I hope you use these 3 insights that helped me turn my business around, so you too, can share your story, and hopefully inspire the next big, sober, entrepreneur.

Blog by: Nick Bruce Hayes

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