Coffee is for Closers – Getting Back into the Workforce

Before the addiction you might have had a pretty good job or you were perhaps just going from paycheck to paycheck.

Whatever the situation was, you knew you would have to finish treatment and be forced to start a new job fresh out of drug rehab, transition back into the workforce, stay clean and make good impressions.

This can be an easy task for some people, but it can be a difficult task for others.  Some people are lucky and will have a job waiting for them when they are ready to go back to work, whereas others will have to look for work and get something lined up.

In many cases there can be much riding on finding work as you most likely have a family to support and bills to pay.  Spending time to get healthy is worth it in the long run, but the reality does start to set in where you know you have to start creating your new life, and going back to work and working may be a vital part of that.

Like many recovering addicts you may have attributed a great deal of stress and worry to being at work. You may have had a job that was very overwhelming, may have been un-happy with your job, or you may not have made enough money to live off of.  This can be a genuine fear when wanting to go back to work, especially after all of the changes you have made during treatment.

One of the more important first steps before anything happens is to really analyze whether you need to go back to work right away, or really if you want to work for that matter.  Granted, not working is not really an option for everyone, but some people do make it happen.  As a person in recovery you will need to make a decision on whether or not you are ready to get back out there in the workforce.  This is something that can be talked over with your family, significant other, or even the counselors at the treatment center, so as to come to a decision that you are happy and comfortable with.  When fresh out of rehabilitation, it is really recommended that you find something productive to do, as boredom is not a former addict’s best friend.

If you have decided to go back to work, then it’s time to start looking at what you want to do as a job or a career.  If you are un-sure of what career path you want, a really good book to pick up, which will help with making this decision is, Career Match:  Connecting Who You Are with What You’ll Love to Do, written by Shoya Zichy.  The great thing that makes this book very useful is it provides you with a self assessment in order to help you discover what it is you will want to do.  The book goes into great depth, and covers so many different personality types to really help a person discover their true passion in life.  Once you have decided on a career path, or a job you would be interested in doing, it may require you to update your skills.  Knowledge is the key to successful sobriety, the more you know about anything, the better off you are.  This means that you are able to make more knowledgeable choices and decisions, all the while gaining useful tools and information you can apply to your everyday life.  Take advantage of any opportunity where you can update your skills, which will also give you a chance to network and make some good impressions with the people you meet.

Networking is very important, if you can get out there and meet new people and connect up with other like minded individuals you will be one step ahead of the game.  The important thing here is to be enthusiastic; not necessarily bouncing off the wall with joy, but taking a genuine interest in meeting people.  If this is a little bit out of your comfort zone, then start out small and meet people through your friends or family, get some support through them.  Getting your name out there and showing off the new you is a great way to bolster your confidence, which helps any former addict be successful with their sobriety.  If you can prove to yourself that you can be enthusiastic about life and living, and go out there and make things happen, you will soon start to stop worrying about relapsing.  Finally if the new work you have found is not really for you, don’t just suck it up and be miserable, leave the job and find a new one.  Too many people stick with jobs they hate and that hate pours into every fabric of their life.  Quite honestly, you have worked too hard and have been through to much to be miserable at a job; it is simply just not worth it for your unhappiness to be the cause of a relapse.

Getting back into the workforce and making good impressions can be big hurdle to overcome, but it will give you a good sense of direction as to where you will want to go in life.  You can see many successes from work, especially doing a job you are passionate about.  You can also gain so much out of updating your skills and increasing your abilities, which will increase your power over handling everyday challenges.  When you get out there and meet new people you will see that you can create opportunities for yourself, which will lead to more success and happiness.  Enjoy every moment you can creating new things, and making something your own; there is no better satisfaction than being successful at the things you love.

Author: Nick Bruce Hayes

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Getting a Job fresh out of drug rehab