Drug Rehab – What’s it like?

How to become a True Survivor.

Over the years, I get that question a lot. Psst, Ryan…Drug Rehab – What’s it like?

My knee jerk answer, I can’t help myself, is always the same. “It’s fu$%ing awesome, you should try it!”

Most people stare back at me all squint eyed and confused, but I’m serious.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I did drug rehab, It wasn’t at some of the lush locations you see today. I wasn’t sitting by the pool sipping on virgin margaritas. I wasn’t doing Pilates, or going on nature hikes. I wasn’t horseback riding or getting massages. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Learning to recover and reintegrate life activities in a healthy way is great but I feel like it’s something you can focus on during your after-care. I’m just sayin’.

I even think it’s cool that you can access some of these services in drug rehab today but it’s becoming more about making the client as comfortable during their stay.

When I did drug rehab, I didn’t go in to get comfortable, I went to drug rehab to get uncomfortable, because I knew well and good, that is where I needed to go, if I was ever going to put this crap behind me.

Although we are living during a massive shift in consciousness, and people are softening up on their stance about addiction, I would still say, the masses have no clue about addiction. Hell, most Doctors, don’t have a clue about addiction.

Here’s the reality, addiction is complex but WE make it complex. It becomes complex when we look at all of the co-factors including the biological, the neurological, the psychological, the social and environmental issues coalescing around the addict but those are all the effects. Gosh, it’s like staring into the cosmos and realizing how vast it is. When we look at things on the macro level, it becomes overwhelming and that’s when addiction becomes complex.

So, what is the cause? During my stint in drug rehab, I came to the conclusion that there is only one illness, and that is emotional pain. Certainly there are thousands of symptoms but the one illness that acts as the catalyst to all substance abuse is emotional pain. I was in pain, I discovered that root pain in drug rehab, I faced it, confronted it, handled it, and by doing that – healed it.

If you are reading this article, I’m gonna go out on a limb here. You’re in pain. At some level, you have a pain or a hurt that has not been dealt with and when you let it stay in the body, it manifests as illness.

Now most of us are born into a toxic pedagogy and male dominant belief system that encourages young boys not to cry, don’t be scared, to have balls, to suck it up, and to not face it which leads to suppression of the girls. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Supress, supress, supress!

So I understand why this is difficult for you. Substance abuse or an unhealthy relationship with substance, based on your upbringing and belief system will trick you into thinking that recovery from this unhealthy behaviour can be done on your own, and asking for help is a sign of weakness. Listen, I come from a background of football, motorbikes, and bodybuilders. I get it.

But hear me now, loud and clear. UFC & Tough Mudder is cool but going to drug rehab will be the hardest challenge you have ever faced, hands down.

Drug Rehab – what’ it like? Remember what I said. It’s fu$%ing awesome! And it’s awesome because, it’s the one time in your life, you have the chance to focus on you. This is why it is so difficult.

We run around chasing external challenges hoping we will get fulfillment from these pursuits but the real fulfillment comes from going internal not external.

This is the scariest thing you will ever have to face – yourself.

This is why you hear so many horror stories of how horrible drug rehab is. For two reasons. One it’s subjective and two because it’s hard. You are forced to look at your pain and it’s uncomfortable, so you blame the counselors, you blame your mom and dad, you blame your siblings, you blame the food, you blame and you blame because your ego is protecting you and all of these people and things you are blaming are external which allows you to stay away from what the real problem, which is internal – your pain.

I believe that the first half of your life you are meant to collect pain and hurt but in the second half you are meant to let it go. Your second half doesn’t have to be when you are 30, 40, or 50 years old. It can be whenever you are ready to face your pain and let it go. The sooner you do that the better your life will be.

Drug rehab is fu$%ing awesome because it is a true challenge of self. The title being: True Survivor!

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Drug Rehab: What's it like?