How to Live a Rich and Meaningful Life Beyond Drug Rehab and Recovery


They say life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. The truth is, it’s about both.

My goal is to show you how you have the incredible capacity to rise above your hardships and to live a rich and meaningful life by getting-having AND giving-being, because life is not black or white. It’s both.

I’m writing this blog for you – the recovering. You may have attended a drug rehab for an alcohol or substance abuse problem, or you kicked it on your own with the strength of family and friends.

Either way, you took it seriously, you have some sober time under your recovery belt, but you’re still left wondering; ‘Is this it?’

You’ve experienced some of the gifts of sobriety, after rehab, but you know there is more. You know there is a future vision for yourself, but it might be a little hazy still. You know there is more to come, you just know it.

There are some things in life you just know. You are born with this knowledge. It’s not something that was taught or told or learned. You just know intrinsically, deep within you, this knowledge.

Where it came from, you don’t really know. It’s a knowledge that is very personal, it’s a knowledge you are born with.

On your journey to discovering the source of this knowledge, you come across mentors who seem to have the answers, and these answers resonate with you, but it was the knowledge that came well before the gurus in your life showed up, that you already knew.

You knew that one thing about you, that one thing that no one else could know. You knew it before people pointed fingers and said I told you so.

I knew at a very young age, that the key to my life, the key to opening every door imaginable, the key that would provide access to all the wealth humanity had to offer.

I knew I had to be a SOBER MAN!

For me becoming a Sober Man meant 15 years of setbacks, it meant multiple stints in drug rehab, it meant years of struggling in recovery and sobriety, and then I discovered; THE BEYOND.

It’s the beyond that excites me, that drives me, that makes me bounce out of bed in the morning. It is the beyond that transcends ego and allows you not to break free from these experiences but to use them as rocket fuel to expand your life, so that you may live a rich and meaningful life.

This is the point in the blog, that you might want to re-consider your eye-rolling.

Not another motivational speech without any practical advice? You might being saying. Not another rah, rah, sis boom bah blog about; Just doing it. Please God, Noooooo!

You know what, I’ve been there, reading the philosophical, the motivational, but craving the substance, the battle plan, the actual to do’s that will lead me to the quality of life I know I deserve, but only being left with a mild rise in blood pressure because the author is fantastic at motivational prose.

That’s not this blog! This blog is about the real stuff.

My goal is, over the next year, to offer you real men and women just like yourself who overcame their demons, rose above, and created empires from the ashes.

Stories born in addiction, drug rehab, early recovery, or a life long choice of sobriety and how they went beyond. These are the stories, early on, I craved.

My hope is that I can give you some inspiration that your life can be everything you have ever imagined, and there is a way to do it.

Napolean Hill was correct; what the mind can conceive, it can achieve. What life are you conceiving?

The word RICH, having Celtic origins, I knew fit for me. I’m Irish after all.

But how could these two words ever intersect?

They seemed to come from two schools of thought in the world of recovery. Either you are sober or you are rich, but never both

This blog is about acceptance of both sides of the fence.

Sober cannot be synonymous with Rich, since opulence usually flowed with the finest wines, spirits, and Cuban cigars, I can hear the gospel of recovery being shouted in my ear.

To pursue riches means to pursue possessions, power, or elaborate dresses and jewels, right?

Isn’t that a form addictive behavior as well? Are you not just replacing one addiction with another?

It was through this heavy contemplation of both my need for sobriety and my pursuit of wealth that I discovered the true problem with human nature.

Duality! It is our gift, but it is our curse.

The true problem is not equality in race or sex but in the most simple beliefs, because if we cannot resolve at the micro scale, how can we ever resolve at the macro scale?

We get so fixated on the big causes. To Muslim or not to Muslim? North Korea or Seth Rogan? Beef or Vegetarian? To wear makeup and jewels or to hug a tree? To use technology or to live off the land?

Listen to me very carefully!

BOTH CO-EXIST! With or without YOUR judgments on the matter.

When I became a RICH MAN – monetary gain was not the barometer for which I determined my success but it was certainly part of the system. It has to be. You cannot ignore it.

Tell me something. What extreme emotions arise when I say: Money!

How does it make you feel?

To completely turn your back on this subject, let it all go, wrap yourself in robes like the Dhali Lami, and stroll the Himalayas in search of yourself, is certainly going to give you some peace of mind, if that’s what you’re after, but let’s be realistic, if you live within the world I live in..

Money matters!

There is this movement that we should feel guilty about the accumulation of wealth, that it is a sick pursuit yet we live in a reality that, whether you like it or not, it allows us to live safely, enjoyably, in comfort. And you should feel guilty about that? Nonsense! Guilt was man made.

If everyone rolled up to a recovery meeting in a Jaguar, would everyone judge each other’s cars? Probably on which color is best, right?

It’s because there is divide and separation which leads to the judgement and resentment. Both CAN co-exisit. Both are acceptable, both are worthy pursuits – congruent of one another. Sober Man – Rich Man!

When I first started out in recovery, the pursuit to become a Rich Man, had zero to do with accumulation of paper but rather the pursuit of a deep and meaningful relationship I could build. This made me feel rich.

Now that I have gone beyond, I discovered you must feel rich in all life’s categories, and yes, this does include your financial category.

THE BEYOND, for which I am going to blog about, is the journey after, the journey after you have accepted duality in life, and accepted that being sober and pursuing a rich life, is an acceptable cause, because if you don’t get or have, you will never give or be, because inflow = outflow and vice versa.

I am excited about delivering this information to you, a blog about sober minds that became rich minds, and how they did it, so you too, can emulate and create the life, you deserve, beyond recovery. It is possible! There is more to come. I promise.


Drug Rehab, Recovery, & Being Rich ©

Soberman Richman