Think you’re immune to prescription drug addiction? Think again!

Prescription drug addiction has become more recognized as a major problem throughout North America than any other addiction.

It has become so problematic that certain drug rehab programs are specifically set up to specialize in prescription drug addiction.

Does prescription drug addiction require drug rehab?  Most certainly it does, although general perception is that it is easier to stop taking prescription drugs than street drugs. Wrong!

What users need to understand is that numerous prescription drugs are narcotics, and are highly addictive.  There is of course the argument that if these drugs are taken properly that a person will not become addicted.This article is specifically talking about prescription drug addiction and how a drug rehabilitation program can and will help.  Drug rehab centers have started to realize that prescription drug addiction is a ever growing problem, and new measures must be taken to help those battling this addiction.  For example, many drug treatment programs will have medical detox centers set up on site to help an addict detox safely off of the prescription drugs they are taking.

Detox is a very important step required prior to a prescription drug addict attends drug rehab.  Many of these drugs, when abused, are very dangerous to stop taking abruptly, and this is why doctors will taper a patient off of the drugs when they are finished using them for whatever medical reason.  The problem here is that most of these drugs will cause a person to build a tolerance to them and become physically dependent on them, and this is why a medical detox program is really a must prior to a substance abuse program.  Prescription drug addiction is a real problem, and a treatment center is equipped to handle this problem.  These drugs offer similar highs to street drugs, and a person can find themselves easily abusing them, so it is only logical that the problem is handled the same way as a street drug addiction.  Drug rehab will allow a prescription drug addict to safely stop using their drug of choice, and move forward with addressing the reasons why they started to abuse the drug.  From there the individual will be able to address underlying issues, and learn and build new skills to maintain their sobriety.

Drug rehabilitation will also help a prescription drug addict regain their physical health, for example many addicts hooked on pain medication, sedatives, or muscle relaxants will see dangerous changes in their physical health, loss of appetite, weight loss or in some cases weight gain, high cholesterol, heart problems, and muscle and joint problems.  Their bodies will be completely depleted of all naturally occurring chemical and nutrients, and this will have to be built up again to handle the addiction fully.  Prescription drugs will put a users mind and body through the meat grinder; the chemicals in some of these drugs, for example antidepressants, will drastically change a persons brain chemistry, and not necessarily, always for the better.

Does prescription drug addiction require drug rehab, absolutely it does, and it is really the only option in saving a prescription drug addicts life.  These drugs are extremely dangerous when not used properly, and the risks of overdose increase exponentially when these drugs are abused and mixed with other drugs and alcohol.  Drug rehab centers are designed and set up to help this form of addiction, and many centers are specially set up to treat only prescription drug addiction.  The right help is available to treat these addictions and it is important that it is found right away.

To locate a prescription drug rehab clinic or medical detox center near you, in Canada contact the DRS Addiction Hotline 1-877-254-3348 or in the U.S. at 1-800-304-2219

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Find a prescription drug rehab or medical detox near you
Find a prescription drug rehab or medical detox near you