How to detox off of opiates comfortably.

The age old question; does detoxing off of opiates hurt, will always continue to be asked by every opiate addict.  It is the number one barrier most opiate addicts stay addicted –fear of the pain.

Opiate withdrawals do hurt and every hooked addict on semi-synthetic opioids, or opiates derived naturally from the opium poppy will go through the withdrawal process differently.

Opiate drug addiction causes the body to build a tolerance to the drug that is being taken, which also causes the physical dependency, which leads to the body needing more to maintain that tolerance.

When a person is abusing opiates, their body will build a natural tolerance for the particular drug they may be taking, meaning they become more adjusted to the drug and may require a higher dosage to maintain this tolerance.  This is where the real danger in abusing opiates comes in; the body develops a physical dependency to the drug, which means when a person stops taking the drug, or does not meet their daily requirement, they will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Opiate withdrawal symptoms include:  Dehydration, nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, itching, constipation, respiratory depression, hormone imbalance, with other side effects such as, hallucinations, delirium, muscle rigidity, and confusion, and in some cases, seizures and death.  Many former drug addicts who were hooked on opiates have said to have experienced severe muscle, joint, and bone pain, not being able to sleep, severe depression, mood swings, lack of apatite, and a general inability to function properly.

A typical opiate withdrawal can last anywhere from a couple weeks, to a couple months, and this of course depends on the drugs being taken, the amount, and the current health situation of the addict.  Drug and alcohol treatment centers are equipped to handle and help opiate addicts; with many of these different drugs being very commonly abused among addicts, treatment facilities have had to adapt their drug treatment methods to accommodate the increase in opiate and opiod related addictions throughout North America.  Drug rehabilitation along with effective drug detox is the best method in solving an addiction to opiates, as an addict can handle the physical and mental aspects of the addiction fully.

Does detoxing off of opiates hurt?  In all retrospect, yes they do, but every addict will have a different tolerance to the drugs they are abusing, and will have a different level of physical dependency to these drugs.  With that in mind, each patient’s level of physical and mental discomfort will be different, but very generally speaking, detoxing off of opiates, hurts.

My advice is if you want to detox off of opiates comfortably, seek out the best supervised medical detox service available. One that specializes in opiate withdrawal – staffed with addiction doctors and nurses.

To locate a medical detox center in Canada, you can call the DRS Hotline 1-877-254-3348 or in the U.S. at 1-800-304-2219

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