You don’t have to be an Adrenaline Junkie to try these Crazy Activities.

Now that the time of cheap thrills and bad highs are over, you should be embracing life and looking to get the most out of it. Why not get a clean and sober adrenaline rush while doing it?

When people think extreme sports they tend to think of death defying stunts that only a select few people take part in.  You do not have to be the ultimate athlete to take part in some of these activities, and not all of these sports will put your life at risk, but they will give you a sobering rush of adrenaline.

In your addiction, you might have looked for your next fix or two and scrambled for the resources to pay for it.  Today, it is about enjoying the new rich and clean life you have created for you and your family.  You may be looking to get the most of out of life and want to enjoy yourself along the way, but some days you still need that clean fix of adrenaline.  Here are some crazy sports and modest activities that you can try-out to get your fix, and have ridiculous amounts of fun while doing it.

Some Extreme Sports for Sober Minds

Zorbing. Also known as sphereing, was invented in New Zealand and basically involves getting into a large transparent ball filled with a little bit of water and rolling down a hill.

You can do this solo or with friends, and is described as being a cross between a roller coaster and a water-slide, check out the official Zorb website for more information on this wild activity.

If that isn’t wild enough for you, how about Volcano Boarding?

Yes that is right, sliding down an active volcano on a plywood toboggan.  This was first created by an Australian traveler in Leon, Nicaragua and involves hiking up an active volcano, and sliding down it on a plywood toboggan using your heels to steer and brake, and not to mention you can reach speeds of up to 90km/hr.  To take a look at this wild ride, check out the Expert Vagabond site for more info and even a video.  

Perhaps you might be into jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.  If Skydiving sounds like something you might want to try, then why not amplify the experience and try Sky- Surfing. Sky-Surfing is basically skydiving with a board attached to your feet where you can perform all sorts of nifty stunts and surf through the air.

If that is not wild enough for you, take a look at Wing Suit Flying, something that has been picking up some popularity across North America.  This sport involves putting on a jumpsuit called a wing-suit, made from af specially designed nylon fabric.  Once in the air, the suit expands, creating more surface area and lift, almost like a flying squirrel.  The only catch is you have to either jump out of a helicopter or jump from a location that will provide a significant amount of altitude, and from there you are flying like a super-hero, except using a parachute to land safely to the ground.

These are some pretty crazy activities where a person can get a clean adrenaline rush, but if you are looking for some other ideas and want to embrace your inner adrenaline junkie, check out the book The Adrenaline Junkies Bucket List: 100 Extreme Outdoor Adventures to Do before You Die, written by Christopher Van Tilburg.  This book could not be more detailed about what is out there for extreme sports across the globe and provides excellent information on how to start and where to go.  There is so much that can be taken out of life, especially living a clean a sober one.

Start experiencing these things, whether it is base jumping or playing a wild game of Ultimate Frisbee, you can feel a positive, sober rush and have fun.

Author: Nick Bruce Hayes

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