I am a long term crack user; will a drug rehab program work for me?

Unfortunately, crack cocaine addiction is one of the most cunning and baffling addictions a drug user can kick. Eight out of Ten crack users will have attended multiple attempts at drug rehab before they beat their addiction and unless the user digs deep during treatment to discover the root cause of their pain, relapse for crack users is extremely common.

Because of this, many long term crack users will ask, will a drug rehab program work for me?  Speaking very generally, drug rehabilitation can work for anyone, but there are numerous factors, which come into play when a person is making an attempt to get clean off of crack cocaine.

Because crack cocaine addiction is so unpredictable, the addict will have continuous doubts about whether or not they can get clean, and if they do get clean, can they stay that way? Crack cravings seem to pop up out of the blue, even when everything is going well, and a user is on a healthy path of recovery, these cravings can overcome you, when you least expect it. When this happens over and over for a crack user trying to recover – hopelessness sets in. This is the biggest hurdle to overcome when helping a loved one hooked on crack.

The typical pattern of a crack-cocaine user is binge use. The binge can go on for a week or two, or even longer, and than staying sober for a stretch of time.  They may be functioning in life somewhat, meaning still having a source of income coming in, but every single day is a struggle.  These types of crack addicts will in most cases have been through treatment more than once, and will always question if treatment will actually work.  A drug treatment program will work, but first it is important to look at the type of program it will be.  Anything short term or out-patient rehabilitation is totally out of the question; their only best option is residential long term drug treatment.  A long term substance abuse program will be able to work with a person addicted to crack for the length of time needed to solve the addiction, more importantly giving the person the needed clean time.  Counseling, therapy, and learning based treatment will help with the emotional and personal issues, and a strict health program will help the person heal physically.  This is a very general view at what a drug treatment program will do, but it is important that a crack addict is healed physically and mentally, and does take the length of time needed to do so.

What if a crack user has already been through a long term treatment center came out and immediately relapsed?  One of the major factors that causes former long term crack addicts to immediately relapse out of treatment is not following through with their after care program; this is what will make drug treatment work for long term crack users.

A long term rehabilitation program can take anywhere from three to six months, but it is what happens afterwards that really makes or breaks things.  Sober living houses are excellent options after treatment, because a person in recovery will be living away from their old environment, and surrounded by other sober individuals, thereby providing a support group for one another.  During this time the addict in recovery can gradually transition back into society; getting gainful employment set up, learning new skills, and building new anilities to stay sober, all the while living in a drug and alcohol free environment.  Will a drug treatment program will work for a long term crack user, yes it can, but it is the after care program that must be set up properly.  When searching out for treatment options, this is one very important question to get more information on.  Long term crack users have been around the block more than once, and a whimsy 28 day program with no aftercare will simply be a waste of time.  A crack addiction will take time to beat, but it can be done; there will be a great deal of skepticism and nothing is really guaranteed, but if the treatment program was done right and a solid and thorough aftercare program is followed, a long term crack user can finally put their addiction behind them.

To locate a drug rehab program that specializes in crack cocaine, in Canada, call 1-877-254-3348 and in the U.S. you can call 1-800-304-2219

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