“Not why the addiction; but why the pain?” – Dr. Gabor Maté.

Dr. Gabor Maté is a brilliant leader in the Vancouver addiction community, he’s full of quotes that trigger deep introspection but; ‘not why the addiction, but why the pain?’ is a; eureka quote in addiction, if there ever was one. It certainly was for me.

Remember in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Indy’s arch nemesis; Dr. Belloq and his Nazi cronies are searching for the Ark of the Covenant in the desert only when Indiana Jones gleefully locates the correct temple, yes the one with the snakes, in a completely different location.

This quote was my Indiana Jones moment.  The key that would help me begin to look inside instead of outside and decipher a puzzle one thousand times more cryptic than Enigma; the puzzle of addiction.

This key allowed me to open the door that would help create a foundation of understanding for the human experience in order for it all to make perfect sense. Perfect sense that could bring some peace of mind to those struggling in this world; peace of mind that affirms that we are meant to experience pain for a reason.

Here is an excerpt from my life inspiration…

Event Horizon Model

An event horizon can seem scary, at first, but we are meant to be pulled into this event in order to experience it and then help the next person step through.

Part 1: Accumulate some pain

Part 2: Learn how to release your pain

Part 3: Teach others it’s possible to release their pain. 

Contemporary pain intervention methods focus too much on avoiding the pain when we are meant to confront it…

End of excerpt.

If there’s enough interest, I will publish the full version of this model, but for now, the purpose of establishing this today is meant to showcase that we all have incredible stories to tell, born out of pain.

Mine was that I discovered a working model that allowed me not to fight the pain of life anymore but rather embrace it, accept it, and use it to help others.

Tell our Readers, Your Story

Our readers are interested in hearing your success stories. Rich & Sober is not a venue to focus on your pain stories. There are plenty of healthy, appropriate venues for you to do that already, including your counselor, your Doctor, your healer, your sponsor, and of course your home group.

Our readers are interested in your stories beyond the pain and beyond sober.

They say that every great breakthrough in life is preceded by a breakdown. What was your after breakdown, breakthrough?

What mountains have you climbed, what trails have you traveled, what lives have you touched, what business have you created, what impact have you made on your community?

These are just a handful of inspiring ideas to talk about.

It’s one thing to share your story with a full room but what if you could share your story with the world?

If you have ever pondered deeply why you had to go through what you went through, this is why. This is your calling, your duty, to help pull other people in pain through that event horizon. Your story has a direct impact on inspiring others to journey through.

How they let go of their pain is none of your business and everyone has a different experience through it but your job is to help them set forth on the journey not to tell others what to do but rather show them what’s on the other side.

Please contact me directly. I will personally read every shortlisted story and then post it right here on Rich & Sober, for all the world to read. Now boldly go, beyond sober.

Email your story synopsis here: ryan@richandsober.caWord Count: 150 MAX.

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Beyond Sober: The Event Horizon