At the Crack of Dawn it’s Time to Rave….Clean and Sober


A new phenomenon has been picking up some powerful steam on a global level allowing people to kick off their day in a powerful way, and this is the early morning rave with a positive twist, no drugs and no alcohol.  An organization called Morning Gloryville with the tag-line “Rave your way into the day,” has started a new trend setting up venues in over 16 cities around the world.  This organization is not promoting a party atmosphere, but rather an energetic way to start your day and this involves as stated on their website, “conscious clubbing.”

Dancing can be an excellent work-out in itself, and Morning Gloryville has taken this idea and turned it into an energetic, positive, and sober way to start of a day before work.  A person can locate one of their many venues around the globe through their website, which include cities such as:  Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, New York, Montreal, and Tokyo.  Morning Gloryville is promoting free improvised dancing to help energize people to get them moving and being creative, and more importantly being sober while doing it, as each rave takes place from 6:30 am to 10:30 am at a set location that is able house all their fun activities from dancing, yoga, and massages.

A person attending these raves will pay 20$ on average to go, and will have an opportunity to just dance the morning away before they go to work.  During that time there are non-alcoholic refreshments such as gourmet coffee and superfood smoothies being served.  The icing on the cake for this morning is there are also free morning massages provided to help keep a person dancing the morning away before they start their day.  This idea has been catching on globally with new cities each month providing the venue.  At the crack of dawn it is time to rave clean and sober, and start your day off in the most energetic way possible.

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