Aftercare Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Canada

Aftercare programs within each province across Canada can fall under distinctive categories such as support groups and meetings, transitional homes or halfway houses, and sober living communities. The Addiction Recovery Programs within Canada is different within each province and is short-term housing for individuals who are taking part in drug and alcohol treatment programs in the province they reside in. Many of these short-term housing programs can offer a stable place to live in for a year or more, and individuals can begin to coordinate their goals, learn new skills, remain within a supportive environment and be around other sober individuals. For example, one of the Addiction Recovery Programs within a province will tend to work in partnership with many different health authorities such as federally and provincially funded health programs. The other after care services within each province includes the hundreds of different twelve-step support groups, sober living communities, and rehabilitation follow-up programs when a person completes treatment.  

What is aftercare treatment defined as? 

An aftercare program is a process that takes place after a drug and alcohol treatment program such as inpatient or outpatient treatment. This will include helping the patient with his or her re-entry plans back into society, where they will be living, what type of work they will do, and what support networks will be available. Aftercare programs play an essential role within a person’s long-term sobriety, and the provincially run or federally funded aftercare services have been proven to increase the success rate at which a person remains drug and alcohol free. The majority of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers who operate within Canada, whether they are private or government funded, can help patients with organizing aftercare, and design a follow-up program for them, which will continue to support his or her sobriety. 

How can someone become eligible for addiction recovery programs? 

Many of the addiction recovery programs or sober living communities are available for persons over the age of 18 and some are there for teens and adolescents, and who live within particular areas of his or her province. The one aspect that does make a person eligible for these types of recovery homes is the fact they are taking part in or completing, or finished a drug and alcohol treatment programs. Some requirements may include the former addict has been abstinent from drugs and alcohol for a specific time after treatment. The individual may have to sign particular agreements or waivers, have to show they are committed to recovery, and they can independently live with minimal support. Aftercare treatment is an essential recovery process for every former addict, and it is important that each former addict and his or her family have something available and organized after treatment.