5 Tips on How to Recover After Driving Your Business Into The Ground


Many successful people who have their own business have seen their share of ups and downs, especially those business owners who have battled addiction and ended up driving their business into the ground; however, came out on top despite losing almost everything.  When you start a business you have your hopes set high, and your sights set on achieving greatness.  You are prepared for all the hard work, long hours, and sacrifice that are to come, because you know the pay off will be great.  Many business owners go through a period where they are excited for all the new change to come, their business is making money, they are busy, and new business is being created.

This hectic period tends to lead a business owner into being overwhelmed, and becoming stressed out. If this person has used drugs in the past to cope with these problems, it is only natural to go back to this same solution, which will lead to catastrophe.  It can start with taking a bump here and there, a quick toke to take the edge off, a few too many night caps to close out the day, all leads to using drugs as the only solution to cope with the stress and worry of owning and operating a business.

When you arrive at drug rehab you meet these business owners, where addiction drove their business into the ground but they managed to turn things around once they recovered from their addiction.  Here are five tips that have been passed on to help make things go right.


5 Tips on How To Recover After Driving Your Business Into The Ground

  1. Know when to get out!  The biggest reason your business will take a dive is because despite you seeing all the warning signs, and your colleagues and family telling you there is a problem, you simply ignored it and continued to use and abuse drugs.  It is easy to justify taking a break and “relaxing”, but realistically you knew this was going to go no where fast.  Tip number one, stop messing around to begin with, and listen to the people close to you.
  2. Get help immediately!  Save what you can of the business, you have ignored the people around you, you have become oblivious to the daily expensing and spending, and now things are starting to get worse.  You are losing clients, income, and people who have stood by you since day one.  This is the time to get help and put things right, a business owner can still salvage their operation if they simply go to treatment and get help, and leave the day to day operations in the hands of their partners or people who have been with them since the beginning.  Tip number two, get help with your addiction and turn the daily operations over to someone else.
  3. Come out of drug rehab and create new business, don’t worry about business lost.  Many business owners will kick themselves over losing those big clients and will go on living in a state of regret and remorse, which will lead no-where.  Take this opportunity to start creating something new; being in a state of creation pumps new life into people, and forces them to challenge themselves and look at life as game to be won.  Many business owners have seen more success from running with new ideas, than dwelling on the past.  Tip number three, being creative and creating the new is a drug in itself.
  4. Start changing the little things.  Even if it is the business name, logo, color design, location, daily operation routine, small and even big changes can create new opportunities.  Change is a good thing, especially in business; don’t get me wrong, if it is certainly not broken, don’t fix it, but if you need change, go with it.  Tip number four, don’t hide from making changes, new scenery is always a good thing.
  5. When in doubt, invest in the experts.  The greatest thing about owning and operating a business is there are always people smarter and more successful who will pass along their knowledge and expertise.  Look at this as like having a good accountant, pay someone smarter than you to do the job, it is money well invested, especially with bookkeeping; besides most of the money was probably being snorted away before, so lets make a positive change and invest in people who can help us succeed.  Tip number five; pay someone smarter to do the job.

Despite the potential of great loss and many close calls, a long lasting success can come out of turning things around for the better.  They say, every great breakthrough in life, is preceded by a breakdown. You don’t have to drive your business into the ground, and you most certainly do not have to allow it to be lost to an addiction.

Take your business saavy and know; any situation can be recovered from; stay honest and straight, this is your passion and know what you want to succeed at.

Nick Bruce Hayes  ©