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Rich & Sober is a lifestyle guide for sober minds.

The arrival of Rich & Sober is a true testament to the ascension of the recovery community. A minority that once stood in the shadows, is now blossoming and transcending all labels. Rich & Sober is not about pursuing excess, but rather is an extension of sobriety and a pursuit of a rich and meaningful life.

Money is not off limits here. We talk about life hacks that help our readers not just survive but thrive in this world. If it inspires you to become an entrepreneur, travel, get in shape or just get your sober mojo back, then we’ve done our job.

The team behind Rich & Sober endeavors to help make sober lives, better. We are journalists who stand as #StigmaFighters who know that surrender does not mean the end. It means a fresh start, and new beginnings.

These days, sober’s the new black and it’s our goal to make sure it becomes more than a simple trend. Welcome to the movement.

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Ryan K, Editor in Chief
Rich & Sober


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