The next Chapter in Life:  Putting the past completely behind her and creating a beautiful life to call her own

Sabrina Andrews is a recovered heroin addict with 20 years of sobriety and now a doting mother.

Sabrina was very young when she started abusing heroin. She was living on the streets in Montreal; no hope, no life, and no direction.  She was not going to be pushed into drug rehab and would only come to the decision of getting help on her  own terms.  When that decision came, it turned her life around in more ways than she thought imaginable.

“I am over 20 years clean, and it was drug rehabilitation and a drive to succeed that made it all happen,” said Sabrina.  “When I left rehab I was very militant about staying clean, and staying away from drugs and people who used drugs,”

Like many former addicts coming out of treatment there were some close calls but Sabrina was able to walk away and keep that drive for having a good life, staying strong.  In the back of her mind the thoughts of what her parents would think would always be there.

Sabrina lived and worked in Quebec for many years and was also able to work at the same treatment center that put her on the path of recovery but there came a time where she wanted to create a new chapter in her life.  She knew that her past with addiction was not going to stop her from doing this; today Sabrina lives and works in Florida and in fact just this year had a new baby girl, named Paige.

“Paige brought a new stability in my life; a new level of responsibility and something to create.  I am starting to take on new responsibilities, making my life even better than what it was before,” said Andrews.  “Having kids so late in life, I realized I was missing out on the stability in life that I was really looking for, but now I finally have it with my beautiful baby girl.  Life is always progressing but things are more fluent and progressing the way I want them too.”

For many addicts in recovery, the past tends to creep up but Sabrina admits the old life never really comes up; with every year that passes, she gets stronger and stronger.

“Addiction is only one small part of what is a very long life,” Sabrina stated.  “The good things we end up creating for ourselves and how we move forward in our life make up the grander scene of our life and everything we do.”

With a new family and new priorities in life it becomes exciting to see what will happen next.  Sabrina and her daughter live in Florida, while she continues to peruse a passion within the natural health and food industry, studying traditional Native medicine, and still giving back to others who are struggling in life.

Sabrina Andrews is a true sober success story.

A Sober Success Story: Sabrina Andrews ©

Sabrina Andrews