Turn Your Renewed Passion into Money


Addiction robs us of all, including passion.

How many times in life have we passed up on our passions to pursue other interests? Sure we had to do what was necessary to get by and make a living, and in some cases we wound up in tight spots, always wandering what it would be like to turn that passion of ours into some extra money. When you’re using drugs and alcohol you tend to ignore the things you love doing, but now being sober we are re-invigorated with a flood of energy for life and drive to achieve success. But what if you could turn your renewed passion into financial freedom? Is it even possible? Continue reading…

There may have been some barriers and obstacles along the way that may have prevented us from achieving our goals. We may have made some bad choices, but we will not dwell on the past and regret these choices as we have learned from our mistakes. With each new day we are discovering the things that make us happy in life, the things that we are passionate about, so why not take these passions and try and make some money or even make a living at doing the things we love.

  1. Take advantage of free courses and seminars. The internet is a great place to take free courses on anything, whether it is learning to start a small business, building on already developed skills, learning new hobbies, there is something for everyone. Growing our skill set will only help us succeed more and build our confidence, allowing us to take on more responsibility, which can lead to more financial success. With information at our fingertips, these day, there really is no excuse. We like Coursera or edX which both offer free online courses from some of the Top Universities in the world.
  2. Do something you love doing just once a week. Forgot what that is? Recall some of the things you loved to do as a child, and do that. Feel silly? Nonsense! I guarantee you behavior in addiction was much worse building sand castles at the beach. One big thing with helping to rediscover a passion in life is actually making time to do it. Take some time each week to do the things you love doing, build on what you have, create something new, go down to the local market and sell your product, your art or services, take a chance. Just start creating, it will flow, and the money will follow.
  3. Never stop learning from others. There is no greater leap forward from turning your renewed passion into financial freedom than associating with like minded people. People who have done what you want to achieve. Other people will be pursuing similar interests and have made a living out of it; take the opportunity to learn what they did, get the advice, network, meet new people in your field of interest. Networking will only help you grow as a person, and will allow you to build a support network of other people who share the same passions you do. We recommend you check out Meetup – which helps groups of people facilitate off line groups all around the world. At Meetup, you will find subject matter on entrepreneurship, start-ups, investing, public speaking, and much more. By attending Meetup events, this will conquer that ”I don’t know anybody.” objection in your head.
  4. Do not be afraid to invest the money. There may be a course you want to take that will help you even further, or you may want to invest in some materials to help develop your project. What ever it is, do not let the financial barriers get in your way of turning your passion into a source of income. Investing your money wisely will make you money in the long run, and if you are not sure how, talk to the experts, get the advice and help needed, but don’t be afraid to take a chance on yourself. What if you don’t have any money? Remember when you were active in your addiction? Remember how you would do whatever it took, to find the money, in order to get your hit. That drive is still in you. Put it to healthy use, and invest. Don’t think too big. If you won’t invest $20 today, you won’t invest $100,000 tomorrow. It’s a skill that takes practice. Start small, and build from there. We strongly recommend you get your hands on Money: Master The Game – by Tony Robbins. In the book, he interviews 50 of the most brilliant financial minds of our time and offers you a step by step proven path to financial freedom. But you must be ready to invest, no matter what. So start by investing $16.84 in your Amazon Edition.
  5. Make small sacrifices in order seize big opportunities. An opportunity comes along that will help you pursue your passion to greater lengths; seize that opportunity, despite the small sacrifice you may have to make somewhere else. Opportunities will always have sacrifice, so get used to it. Come to a compromise if needed. Believe in yourself and take a chance to make a living out of the things you love doing in life.

You will never know until you actually try to turn your renewed passion into money, and eventually into our career. It’s a worthwhile challenge to accept. You will have more opportunities to grow and experience new and good things with every new challenge you face. Throughout this process, and along the way other people will also experience these good things you have created, and that is really what it is all about. Experience all that is good in life, and allow others to experience those good things, and maybe one day, we’ll watch you close a deal on Shark Tank.

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