I don’t get lost walking through the woods high, anymore!


Going on camping trips, in the past, with friends, had the tendency to pack more alcohol than food. Our first and only concern was always whether we had enough booze or drugs, and someone would usually get lost walking through the woods high. Usually, it was me.

This typically led to being kicked out of parks, angry fellow campers, drunken messes, people getting lost in the woods high and incoherent, and many fines being handed out by park rangers.  This may have all seemed like a good idea at the time, but it gets old and really defeats the purpose of taking a trip into the wild and being around nature.  There are so many amazing places to visit and see, and there are so many ways to camp and be out in the wild, and more importantly being sober while experiencing what is provided around you.  Here are five life hacks for camping sober.

5 Life Hacks for Camping Sober


  1. Pick a new destination each and every time you go. The best part about camping is seeing new places each time out, and experiencing a new adventure every time.  Wherever you may live, go into a local bookstore and buy some hiking guides, trail books, and camping books about your local and surrounding area.  This is the best place to start, especially if you are an avid camper, there is a new place available to visit every time you go.  The problems in the past were always going back to the same old camp ground; the party camp ground, each and every year, which is what got us into trouble to begin with.  Variety is important when you are sober. So add some variety to you camping experience.
  2. Become more knowledgeable about the outdoors and pick up new interests.  Camping is really all about surviving in the wild on your own. Whether it is sleeping under the stars, tenting it, or bringing out the big R.V., the more knowledge you have – the better.  An excellent book to pick up is the ever classic; Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia: Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Wilderness Survival, First Aid, by Vin T. Sparano.  This book has everything you need and is very well illustrated and well written, providing a wide range of different information, and who knows you may even pick up a new hobby while reading it.  The whole point is to not become more knowledgeable about how many beers can be packed into a cooler, but to experience the good things out of camping and get the information along with it.
  3. Camp comfortably. Don’t try and rough it just for the sake of roughing it.  It is no wonder you drank so much, you were probably sleeping in a friend’s car or passed out on the picnic table.  Experiencing the outdoors is one thing, but being comfortable is very important. Some people enjoy tents, or sleeping outside under the stars, others prefer tent-trailers or R.V.’s, but there are also cabins that can be rented, little shacks, trailers etc.  Take the time to decide what will make you and your fellow campers comfortable, and the trip will be just that more enjoyable.  If you are interested in some of the most comfortable camping gear you can buy; check out this blog by Back Country.
  4. Choose your fellow campers wisely. Find people who have an interest in the outdoors and being around nature.  Start or join a Sober Meetup – you’ll meet plenty of people interested in joining you. When you camp with a group of outdoor enthusiasts it is amazing how quickly you will start to have daily adventures and experience new things.  Camping with the drinking buddies is all about who can bring the most booze, but camping with people who enjoy the outdoors is all about taking in everything around you and experiencing nature in its fullest form.
  5. Eat like a King. You get to build a fire so let’s COOK LIKE THE CAVEMEN!  Plan out some meals; food tastes amazing being cooked over an open fire, and the meals that can be prepared are limitless, especially if you hunt and fish as it will not get any fresher than that.  If you don’t believe that this is possible, check out the book Easy Campfire Cooking, by Peg Couch, this book even shows you how to get the right kind of fire to cook with, and will show you all about cooking on a stick.  Who doesn’t like meat on a stick, raise your hand.  And if you’re vegan, how about tofu, on a stick.

This is what makes camping exciting, hiking all day and coming back to sit next to a fire and cook an amazing meal, all the while socializing with friends in the beauty of nature.

The world is meant to be seen in all its glory, so give this a try and start taking in all that camping and being outdoors can offer.  There are beautiful lakes, trails, mountains, valleys, forests, and pure wilderness that are all waiting to be explored by you.  You will grow and experience new insight into yourself by simply being out in nature, and by just going out camping clean and sober.

Author: Keith

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