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Ask Us How and We Will Guide You Through the Process is an organization that helps visitors to find all sort of treatments for addiction to drugs and alcohol but also services that are a must to help addicts and families to be able to attend treatments and stay sober. These services are prior and post treatment. Don't wait hoping that time will arrange things. It will not and there are instances that if it gets worst. It can be fatal.

Long Term Inpatient drugs and Alcohol Programs in Canada

These treatment programs are residential and are 60 days and more. It can go up to two years. There are government funded and private rehabs. Usually privates are self-pay and government are free or very low cost but they all have waiting list. Read more

Short Term Inpatient Drugs and Alcohol Programs in Canada

These programs are residential usually 30 to 45 days in a living facility. As for Long term treatments, there are government and private facilities. Private treatments are not in every province. Usually inpatient rehabs are for more severe addiction. Read more

Conventional Detox for Drugs and Alcohol in Canada

Conventional detox is a detox that are meant for mild addiction to alcohol or addiction that are from drugs or medication that do not need medical supervision to withdraw from. Most rehabs can serve clients with a conventional detox. Read more

Medically Supervised Detox Centers for Drugs and Alcohol Addiction in Canada

These detox are usually mandatory for heavy drinkers who have been drinking for a prolonged period. People addicted to certain medication such as opiates, benzodiazepines and other types of medications. They are usually supervised by a doctor and administered by nurses. Read more

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Canada

Outpatient Rehabs are rehabs where the addicts would go during the day, evening or week end but would go back home every night. It is not a living facility. These treatment programs are for mild addiction and often does not have a good success rate as it is hard to keep track of clients when they are done with the program. Read more

Aftercare Programs in Canada

These programs are available after someone went to treatment. It can be done at the facility where the addict did a residential or outpatient programs. It can also be done by attending meetings such as Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous etc. Read more